audiovisual live performance and experimental movies in collaboration with markus mehr

visual arts / audiovisual live performance / installation / music 2010 - 2013

by sixt sense, stefanie sixt (2013)

My artistic work is a mind process on the balance of humankind and nature, on physical limits to the human being and the transgression of those limits. While my film "Alabama Song" showed social structures of the past and the present, later works turned both to inner subjects and abstract images. Perception of my works by the audience will detemine interpretation and association. Film as a medium as well as the audioivisual performance are mere vehicles for transporting this process.

Its the non-apparent that i am fascinated by - the creation of images, taken from nature and transformed into a high degree of abstractness, to give access to things and thoughts beyond the mundane. Reality as a sum of all things perceivable is enhanced by another dimension, the one of transformed images, self-authorized as a part of the real world through their plain, observable existence.

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